Gastro-bar Kostopil st. Rudansky 5/7

Functional planning

The room, which was planned for catering, is located in the building of the former department store, in the central square of the city. This area is almost 100 square meters. on the ground floor and part of the basement. First of all, we went to the site and analyzed the premises. In parallel, we communicated with the customer and, having information about his vision of the institution, formed a functional zoning. It is as follows: on the ground floor there is a common hall, bathrooms, kitchen, and in the basement there is a warehouse and utility rooms. There we offered to make a direct exit from the kitchen - for the convenience and speed of movement of workers. The second exit from the basement leads to the outside, through it unload products, equipment, etc. The design for the basement was not developed, only a functional scheme with the organization of cells and storage areas was formed. This is a purely economic part of the institution.

At the beginning of our work, the customer had doubts about whether to use the basement in planning. We managed to convince him that the use of this area for storage will be a rational decision and will save space on the first floor. Because otherwise for household needs it would be necessary to allocate additional space next to the kitchen. Another reason for doubt was whether to make a terrace near the institution. We were confident that in this particular case it would be a practical and commercially successful move. The facility is located in the central square, where pedestrian traffic is active, so in the warm season the terrace will be in demand. With a relatively small financial investment in its completion, it creates additional space, attracts attention and forms the image of an open institution to visitors. In addition, there is enough space near the building for a compact completion and this has become a decisive factor for the "for" the terrace.

Visual style

The cafe was to become a place where it is equally pleasant to go for a snack during the day and gather with friends in the evening. The atmosphere was to be light and stylish, more focused on young people and middle-aged visitors.
The common room is divided into zones due to the design and various furniture. These are larger and smaller tables, soft parts and in the center a common long table "bar" height. It serves as a contact function and brings together visitors from different companies who sit behind it, which encourages dating and communication. The table is designed for approximately 20 people.
We proposed to form the central emphasis in the design on the basis of the theme of street art. To do this, they involved the work of Rivne artist Cash River, who works in the style of lettering. The artist created an inscription on the floor, canvases on the walls of the main hall and the soft area, on the terrace and on the main facade. This style combines with the concept, adds originality and creates a unique "face" of the institution. Especially since these are copyrighted works, not standard printed posters or fonts. As for the finishing materials, the walls of the building allowed to partially leave the natural cleaned brick and supplement it with decorative plaster.
All furniture was made to order: tables, chairs, bar and bar stools. The main material is a solid non-glued solid wood.
The ceiling is decorated with cubic steel rails "under the tree". The same elements are used for zoning the hall.

Visual style
Visual style
Project team
  • Petro Stepaniuk
  • Oleksandr Pozniak
  • Olha Marchuk
  • Mariia Nakonechna
  • LocationKostopil
  • Project statusRealized
  • Year2018