Three-room apartment in the Hetman Vyhovsky residential complex (Rivne)


The owner of this apartment is professionally engaged in materials for the manufacture of furniture. Therefore, work on this project from the very beginning promised to be unique. In the selection and knowledge of the features of furniture fittings, plates, fabrics, other materials, as well as manufacturers - the customer was better oriented than we are.
For our team, communicating with a person who has professional experience in the field of furniture materials was interesting and informative. We learned "first hand" a lot of useful insider information about the features of certain materials, manufacturers, the latest innovations.

Some constructive and visual decisions on furniture and accessories, the choice of a particular brand-manufacturer were made purely on the basis of its knowledge and experience. Our cooperation in this project can be described as the work of one joint team, in which designers closed the issues of functional planning and visual concept, and the customer was actively involved in the selection of materials and manufacturers. On the one hand, it was not easy to work, because the hostess was very demanding on details and wanted high quality, but on the other hand, we spoke the same language and understood each other.

Incoming data

The family consists of parents and two daughters of preschool and junior
school age.
Several years ago, customers were already developing a design project
to this apartment. For various reasons, he did not come to fruition,
but some materials for it were then purchased.
This is a bath and laminate flooring for the whole apartment is very light gray,
close to white.
Therefore, one of our initial tasks was to take into account these materials
and use them in your project.
The task and vision of customers was as follows: to make the apartment visually spacious, use the brightest colors with bright accents, think about the functionality and a sufficient number of storage areas, but do not overload the furniture. The special wish of the hostess is to plan a separate dressing room.
In the functional planning and visual concept, the owners relied entirely on our decisions, but in the details of the selection of materials (invoices, manufacturers) - took a very active part.

Incoming data
Incoming data
Visual concept

A feature of this project was the very active use of white in the decoration of walls, ceilings, doors and even floors throughout the apartment. Interiors in light shades are always popular, but only white color on the walls or very light floor - these are radical solutions. In our experience, they tend to intimidate customers, seem impractical to them and not everyone is ready to adopt this style, although it has many advantages. The owners of this apartment were just very determined for the maximum use of white in everything and we were interested in working with such an original concept. They also took into account the fact that a light gray laminate for the entire floor had already been purchased.The concept is based on simplicity and proper organization of space, so the decor is minimal.

To prevent the feeling of emptiness due to the cold white color, we introduced different textures of finishing materials. Along with smooth painting on the walls, textured gypsum brick is used, matte laminate contrasts with glossy kitchen facades, and in the hallway area, we introduced gray decorative plaster for contrast. All doors, even the entrance, are also white. The customer chose a painted plate as a door leaf, and accessories in cold gray metal. TV stand, chests of drawers and cabinets in the hallway are made in dark gray cool color. In combination with snow-white walls, ceiling and light floor, they contrast and need to add a bright accent to avoid monotony. Such an accent was the rich yellow color of the elements in the furniture of the hallway and bedroom and kitchen chairs.

Kitchen - Living room

The first thing we suggested after inspecting and analyzing the apartment was to combine the kitchen, living room and part of the corridor. This will make the room brighter, because the walls will not block the flow of natural light from the windows. And thus it will solve one of the tasks of customers - to increase the space both actually and visually. But organizing a common space does not mean simply demolishing existing walls and merging several rooms into one. In order to maintain a clear functional purpose of each of these former separate rooms, zoning elements need to be introduced.
We used different lighting and decor on the walls, and the main zoning central element of the space was a TV stand. It simultaneously performs several functions:
1) Partitions separating the hallway and corridor from the living room;
2) Three-dimensional storage area: open shelves and closed compartments are spacious and located on all sides. At the same time, it is an extension of the hallway, because it contains a sliding door wardrobe for outerwear from the corridor;
3) Directly stand to accommodate the TV.

Kitchen - Living room
Kitchen - Living room

After merging the space, more space appeared for the dining area - it is now open and not limited by the wall between the living room and kitchen.
To make the kitchen wall comfortable and there was enough space for cooking and storage areas, we placed it along two adjacent walls.
For customers, both the functionality of kitchen furniture and the high quality of their manufacture were equally important: accessories, materials, master's work. Therefore, we spent a lot of time discussing these details and selecting them.
Planning and making the wall had its own characteristics, which often occur with apartments in new buildings. This house has individual heating, so the kitchen has a gas boiler, there is a shaft for air supply, meter and gas pipes. All these elements need to be "hidden" behind the furniture so that it looks good and so that the wall remains spacious inside.



In addition to the formation of a common space, another key decision of this project was the abandonment of the second bathroom. Instead, we set up a laundry room. This is more relevant for customers, because in an apartment where two adults and two children live, another bathroom is not very justified. But the room where laundry and dirty linen are located is necessary and useful. There is a washing machine and dryer, so you do not even need to hang laundry - immediately put in the closet or iron.

There is also a place for household chemicals and small household items (buckets, brushes, mops).
We expanded the remaining bathroom towards the living room to accommodate a toilet, washbasin, shower and bath. Although according to the scenario of use of the shower cabin was more needed by customers, there were two factors that still have a bath. First, at that time there were small children who were comfortable bathing in it, and secondly, the bath itself was purchased earlier and had to be used.

Children room

Designed for two children. Furniture set: two beds, a desk for an older schoolgirl, open bookcases and many enclosed storage areas for clothes and toys. Storage areas are also provided under the beds, because there are never too many of them in the children's room.
According to the visual design, there were several stages of editing by customers. They arose because when we offered, for example, yellow glossy facades, the customer already knew which manufacturers such material could be and changed it, because these manufacturers did not suit her. So we tried different shades and textures - bright red, pastel, matte and glossy, and finally settled on this range.

Children room

One of the tasks of the customers was to arrange a separate dressing room. But, based on the starting planning and the area of ​​the apartment, after solving other priority tasks, it became clear that there is no room for a full wardrobe. Therefore, we offered a compromise solution: to equip the largest wardrobe in the bedroom. Next to it will be a boudoir area, which can be used as a workplace.
The elongated shape of the bedroom was another advantage in favor of arranging a dressing room here. It was possible to conveniently place the bed, the TV in front of it on the wall, and to mount a partition behind the headboard, behind which the boudoir and wardrobe are hidden.
It was important to plan the bedroom so that the sleeping and rest area (bed) and the boudoir (workplace) were clearly separated and zoned - there is a partition for this. This way family members will not interfere with each other. Thanks to this wardrobe area, most of the clothes are localized in one place in the apartment. A wooden panel on the wall in front of the bed and in its headboard became a visually accentuating element of the bedroom. We considered different options for its manufacture: there were ideas to mount a panel of individual small boards of different sizes, buy ready-made or use wallpaper. As a result, we made several composition schemes, a master carpenter milled samples of our drawings from veneered plywood and customers chose a pattern. So, the panel is entirely original design and production.

Project team
  • Oleksandr Pozniak
  • Iryna Franko-Shumeiko
  • Olha Marchuk
  • LocationRivne
  • Project statusRealized
  • Year2018